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Our Service

Fixed Price Website offers

  • a low cost, custom built website for small businesses
  • reliable, fast hosting in the UK
  • webmaster services including software updates and regular backups
  • ongoing advice covering technical and business issues

You can download the complete guide to our fixed price website service.

How it works

  1. You complete a short website design brief, this includes identifying a few sites both within and outside your industry that have designs you like or elements of the design you like. Click the link to see our Web Design Services Agreement which covers the development of your site and the Hosting Agreement document which covers the ongoing hosting, webmastering and maintenance.
  2. We develop a design based on the brief and those examples plus any existing media you might have (for example, your logo)
  3. You respond, we update the design so you’re happy with it
  4. If necessary, we register a domain name on your behalf (which you own). If you have a domain name, we help you transfer it into our service (you retain ownership and control at all times)
  5. We activate your web space and install both WordPress and Thesis
  6. We apply the agreed design to the site
  7. We add the content you require
  8. The site is launched
  9. We provide business-class hosting plus ongoing support including updates, backups and advice.


If you want to have your own online shop, we’ll set one up for you through the world’s best ecommerce service: BigCommerce.

Verify our BigCommerce Reseller Status

The service works similarly to a standard small business website except that your hosting is provided by BigCommerce and you’ll pay them their standard monthly fee of approximately £15.50 (depends on how many products you have) when your store is complete and you take it over. The design and setup price is the same as for a small business site but we don’t provide (or charge) a monthly ongoing support fee as part of the standard package – if you’d like us to do so, however, drop me a line.

If you want to see a fully working ecommerce site, have a look at