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Fixed Price Website is a business created by me, Kevin Partner, to make it possible for any small business to have a truly professional custom made website for a fraction of the normal cost, along with webmastering and hosting built in.

I am a designer and developer with over 10 year’s experience of creating profitable web applications and websites. I’ve set up around a dozen services over that time and, today, I run four small businesses including:

All of my businesses are based in the UK, target the UK and employ only UK-based staff.


I’ve been developing in HTML, CSS, PHP and Flash/ActionScript since setting up my first business in 1999 for clients including blue chips such as Harper Collins, Collins Education, Sony, Virgin Media, Carphone Warehouse and Dennis Publishing.

I’ve been writing for PC Pro, the UK’s biggest tech magazine, for over 15 years.

In 2009, I wrote How To Set Up An Online Business for Dennis Publishing which has sold around 75,000 copies and is now available in a sixth edition, along with a US edition and a Kindle edition.

I’ve built several business up and learned the hard way how to create and run a profitable enterprise including low cost, effective marketing via Google Adwords and expert Search Engine Optimisation.

So, I know my stuff. My aim now is to spread this knowledge amongst the small business community which is the engine-room of the economy. Too many small businesses are held back by a poor website (or no website at all) – they know they need a good website but have no economical way of having one developed. Until now.

For the past couple of years, I have specialised in WordPress development this is the platform I use for developing small business websites (including this one). I have become such an expert in this technology, I can apply just about any design to it and do it quickly. That’s how I can afford to offer such a low price.

Verify our BigCommerce Reseller Status

And if you run an ecommerce business, not only do I run a hugely successful online shop, but I’m also an authorised reseller for the world’s best ecommerce platform, BigCommerce. I can build your site to your specification using the BigCommerce system and get you up and selling in record time!

To find out more about the service and the technology, go to the service page.

No Bullshit

I imagine you’re as fed up as I am with the exaggeration, selective truth and pure bullshit that seems to pervade website development and business online. I hate it so you won’t get it from me. If I think my service is not right for you, I will tell you – I’ll also tell you who or what I think would be a better fit. The whole point  is to service a small number of clients over the long term so I’ll only take you on if I think my service is ideal and we’ll both benefit from the business relationship.

I’ve been writing about IT in the UK’s leading tech mag since 1996 and running my own businesses for more than a decade. I have a reputation to protect so I am hyper-careful in my business dealings – it’s all about being fair and demonstrating integrity. The greatest honour I can achieve is your trust and I work hard to earn and maintain it.